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Why You Should Consider Creating a Business in Russia Now

Do Business in Russia There's Been No Better Time Video

Are you contemplating growing your business? Then, Russia should be on your radar!

Here’s why:

Russian exports outside of the oil and gas industry are supposed to double by 2024, reaching an impressive figure—$250 billion annually.

If you’d rather watch a video, here’s a link to my video about Russia’s strategy to increase exports.

What’s going on exactly

In May 2018, President Putin said the federal government would need to ensure this growth through various initiatives.

Major work is underway to implement this instruction. The government has already done a lot to support exporters and they continuously increase their efforts.

What does this strategy look like in practice

  • They work on building a solid infrastructure, including the powerful Russian Export Center.
  • They help you participate in trade fairs, up to full compensation of expenses.
  • They return VAT.
  • They eliminate or minimize other taxes.

And this is just one big reason for exploring opportunities for creating a business in Russia.

You’ve got to ride this wave!

What are your top concerns about tapping business opportunities in Russia? Let me know in the comments!