NoFap Motivation – Quit Masturbation Instantly with These 4 Science-Based Reasons

Here’s NoFap motivation to help you on this journey.

Masturbation is so addictive that even unborn children masturbate.

But excessive masturbation can be unhealthy.

Today, I’ll explain science-based reasons to stop excessive masturbation.

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Reason 1: Escaping problems with masturbation is ineffective but solving them is.

A study shows that children may masturbate due to psychological or behavioral problems.

study children masturbation psychological problems

It’s a mechanism for children to deal with negative emotions.

I believe the same thing is true for adults as well.

We often masturbate because we want to escape feeling bad about something in our life.

But such escaping is unproductive:

  1. The problems that we’re trying to escape will only get worse.
  2. It causes guilt and regret that make us feel even worse.
  3. It hurts our intimate partner and can cause breakups in relationships. (Reddit example.)

Instead of escaping underlying problems through masturbation, we should solve them.

Here’s an example:

Solving the underlying problem stops masturbation.

Children crave love from their parents.

And when they don’t get enough love, they may succumb to unhealthy, excessive masturbation.

A researcher described five cases where changes in parents’ behavior led to masturbation.

study children masturbation symptom of tactile deprivation

But restoring affectionate tactile contact by the parents stopped excessive masturbation.

So here’s a powerful bit of NoFap motivation:

Solving our problems is effective while escaping them with masturbation is not.

Reason 2: Don’t let masturbation cause psychiatric disorders.

As I mentioned before, psychiatric disorders can cause masturbation.

But masturbation, in turn, can make those disorders even worse or create new ones.

Researchers studied children with psychiatric disorders who masturbated.

They found that masturbation might lead to a sex crime in adulthood.

That’s how it messes with our brains.

We get used to getting what we want sexually.

And when masturbation isn’t enough, we look for something even more stimulating.

That’s a dangerous path that can lead to a crime such as rape.

study children masturbation sex crime

Reason 3: Fewer ejaculations mean more testosterone.

In another study, healthy men masturbated after not having sex for 3 weeks.

The researchers found that abstinence from orgasm increased testosterone.

And why is it good?

This study shows numerous benefits to having high testosterone levels for men.

nofap motivation study high testosterone benefits

They include:

  • Increased muscle mass and strength.
  • Increased bone size and strength (density).
  • More circulating hemoglobin, which increases athletic capacity.
  • Mental health benefits (mood, aggression, and motivation).
  • Increased muscle myoglobin content.

Dave Asprey is a well-known proponent of limiting ejaculation.

dave asprey quantifiying sex

He suggests the following Chinese Taoism formula:

(Age – 7)/4 = X days

For example, I am 37.

(37 – 7)/4 = 7.5 days

Knowing that I should ejaculate about once a week is a powerful motivation for me.

When I don’t ejaculate, I save testosterone and get all the great NoFap benefits.

Reason 4: Having sex is healthier.

We know intuitively that having sex is better than masturbation.

  1. A shared experience multiplies the feeling.
  2. You give love to your partner and feel it yourself as a result.

But there’s also science behind this belief.

According to another study, semen content is better during sex compared to masturbation.

study semen intercourse masturbation

These parameters of the semen collected during sex significantly improve:

  • Volume of seminal plasma.
  • Total sperm count.
  • Sperm motility.
  • Percentage of morphologically normal spermatozoa.

They even recommended collecting semen for artificial insemination during sex.

That’s another reason to convince you if you are wondering, β€œIs NoFap worth it?”

Save sexual energy for finding and having sex with an intimate partner.

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