Life Coach in Toronto – 9 Reasons to Hire a Coach in 2021

Hiring a life coach in Toronto can help you break down the walls that are holding you back.

Having those walls is bad enough already.

But if you spend years in this state, you’ll regret the time lost.

The good news is that you can avoid regret easily and enjoyably.

Hire a coach and reap the 9 benefits that I discuss in this article.

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An ICF survey shows coaching works

Before we dive in, here’s thought-provoking statistics.

The International Coaching Federation reported that 99% of coaching clients loved the experience.

That’s right: almost everyone.

  1. The respondents reported increased productivity at work.
  2. They became more confident about the unclear future.
  3. And they felt coaching provided a good ROI.

That said, let’s look at the specific benefits of working with a life coach in Toronto.


Reason 1: Get specific tools and strategies.

Let me give you an example to explain this.

Suppose, your laptop doesn’t start one day.

You google for a solution and get over a billion results.

laptop doesnt start

And as if that wasn’t overwhelming enough, the first article lists 9 potential problems.

Even if you try all those methods, you might not find the answer to your specific situation.

How much time would you lose on that?

Now, compare it to taking your laptop to a repair shop and getting it back the next day.

Likewise, you might not know how to overcome your challenges.

You can spend months or even years searching for answers by trial and error.

But with a coach, you get concrete answers to your problems quickly and effectively.

I bet you could the time saved more effectively.

What to Do When Your Computer Wont Start

Reason 2: Look beyond your problems.

A coach helps you uncover the root causes of your challenges.

And define them in a way that makes them solvable.

Let me illustrate with a story of a coaching client who was unhappy with her husband.

She said he wasn’t affectionate enough.

The coach realized that the husband had cheated on her a few years ago.

Since then, she had been withholding her love.

Seeing this, the husband had done the same.

She thought that the problem was with him.

But the coach made her see how she had created the problem in the first place.

She had never forgiven him and had withdrawn her love.

After realizing this, she allowed herself to be affectionate again.

He reciprocated in kind and the relationship improved.


Reason 3: Use a life coach in Toronto as a role model.

Life coaches have a contagious vibe that gives clients hope or inspiration.

Here’s an example:

My mother came to visit me last summer in Toronto.

She has always wanted to lose weight but has never done that.

But when she had gone home, she realized she had lost 8 pounds.

How did she do it?

I never talked to her about her weight.

She lost it just by living with me.

By eating one meal a day and dopamine fasting, I set an example for her.

And she unconsciously fell under my influence.

Which made weight loss automatic.


Reason 4: Drive results with accountability.

A life coach is also an accountability partner.

When clients make a commitment to their coach, they’re more likely to follow through on it.

In this sense, a coach is like a gym partner:

  • You discuss your training program and goals with them.
  • You set up a specific time to hit the gym.
  • And then you feel obligated to that person to do what you promised.

As a result, you show up at the gym because you don’t want your accountability buddy to question your integrity.


Reason 5: Feel heard.

People don’t like to listen so much that Stephen Covey made listening one of his seven habits.

It’s the 4th habit: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

That’s exactly what a life coach does.

Listening and asking questions creates awareness in a client.

And the client also feels great about the therapeutic effect of feeling heard.

Stephen Covey explains this with a metaphor:

You have two ears and one mouth.

Use them accordingly.


Reason 6: Stop errors before they occur.

A life coach helps prevent errors, including disastrous ones.

I call this playing a devil’s advocate role.

Let me illustrate using my blunder.

5 years ago, I invested in building a house in Russia.

The same year, the national currency (RUB) crashed against the U.S. dollar by more than 100%.

Which made me lose 50% of my investment.

My mistake was failing to discuss my decision to invest with anyone except my father.

He’s a great advisor but he likes living in a detached house too much.

So when I ran my idea by him, he said, “Go for it!”

If I had had a coach back then, this might not have happened.

The coach would’ve noticed my excitement and become deliberately skeptical.

He would’ve questioned me to uncover ways this investment could go wrong.

Bill Gates said:

Everyone needs a coach.

We all need people to give us feedback.


Reason 7: Pay to a life coach in Toronto for motivation.

Paying a coach motivates you to get the most out of coaching.

You want a good ROI and follow through on your commitments.

Otherwise, you’d lose your hard-earned cash—something we all hate.

Take kids, for example.

When you buy them a toy, they play with it until they break it or lose interest.

But when you make them earn that toy, they own it.

They value the toy more and play with it longer.

Likewise, paying a coach’s fees motivates you to do their assignments.


Reason 8: Resolve very specific challenges.

Your challenges might be so specific that you can’t find solutions online or in books.

I remember how my 10-year-old son kept telling me he would call me back but never did.

I didn’t like that but didn’t know how to tackle that.

On the one hand, it’s not that important and I try to pick my battles with him.

On the other hand, by ignoring this behavior, I could encourage it.

So I ran my ideas by a coach.

And he suggested that I should call him more in general but also give him the space to miss me and call himself.

That outside perspective on my situation was very helpful.


Reason 9: Recognize your strengths.

A life coach sees your positive traits and encourages them.

I like Napoleon Hill’s story about a kind stranger who told him that he was a bright boy when he was young.

Hill was proud of that praise and took it to heart.

And it’s likely the reason he was so driven and became one of the most popular self-help authors.

A coach elevates you and you feel motivated to develop your positive traits into serious strengths.


Hiring a life coach in Toronto

If you need help resolving life issues, it’ll be my privilege to coach you.

Let’s have a life breakthrough session online or in-person in Toronto.

The first session for free.

That way, you can see if I can help you without any risk.

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