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Do you live in Toronto and struggle in any life areas?

You are lucky because here you have great opportunities to change that instantly.

With a city as large as Toronto, there is no shortage of life coaching options.

According to Toronto Sun, “life coaching is definitely a growing trend.”

That’s because our life is more stressful and demanding despite massive technology developments.

Anxiety, lack of confidence, and depression are on the rise.

People feel uncertain about the future because everything changes so fast.

We expect more of ourselves, but have less time for enjoying life.

We feel more isolated due to social media.

We struggle with family and intimate relationships.

No wonder life coaching is getting traction.

It opens up a new dimension of opportunities for you.

A life coach Juliette Kristine shares her eye-opening experience about this:

“When I worked with my first coach I kept delaying our start date because I felt I didn’t really need the help and would be fine on my own. After our very first session I remember thinking “Why did I wait so long? This person is helping me achieve my dreams!”

What a life coach does for you

First of all, a life coach can help you in a specific situation.

Say, you have a suicidal father.

Your coach will give you advice on seeking medical help for your father as well as counselling for yourself.

Second, a life coach has an indirect effect on you: they become your mentor and a positive influence in your life.

A coach helps you feel happier by showing what happiness really is.

They help you appreciate people in your life more.

Plus, you feel uplifted after each session because you’ve been heard out.

My fitness coach

Here is a personal example explaining these two components.

I hired a fitness coach a couple of years ago.

I have been working out for more than 20 years and I thought I knew it all.

I just wanted variety in my routine.

But what I found was that the coach added much more value than just variety.


Although I knew a lot about fitness, the coach gave a few good pieces of advice.

For example, he pointed out a few mistakes about how I lifted weights.

They were tailored to my specific situation. 

I was happy to integrate them in my training.

Positive influence/human component

The coach also gave me the external motivation I needed at that point.

First, he was a positive influence.

He was a fitness fanatic 

Seeing his attitude to working out, I pushed myself more.

Second, I felt accountable to produce results.

It was like we were a team and I didn’t want to let my coach down.

Third, I loved the human component.

He also smiled a lot.

As an analytical guy who is too serious at times, I appreciate that in people.

I want more people in my life like that so that I become more playful and relaxed under their influence.

It also felt great to to talk with the coach and share my thoughts about pursuing my fitness goals.

Option #1: Life coaching in person in Toronto

My point is that life coaching in person is by far the most effective way of coaching.

It is the most expensive option, too, but it’s well worth the cost.

A life coach gives you proven tools tailored to your circumstances, saving you lots of time and energy.

And the actual interaction may be equally beneficial.

The very process of talking to a coach resets you.

You feel heard out and see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Plus, you feel more accountable to do the tasks that the coach gives you.

These are the same reasons that you hire a fitness coach for.

You want both information and motivation.

What’s great about a life coach is that you don’t have to meet your coach in person at the office.

I always try to arrange my coaching sessions in a park for an added benefit of walking. 

We are in Toronto, one of the greenest cities, after all!

You might think that going to meet the coach in person isn’t efficient.

You might have to spend a few hours driving on top of the session time.

But I believe effectiveness is more important than efficiency here.

Maybe you should spend an hour going to see the coach and then another hour coming back.

For example, you can use that commute time to do the tasks that the coach gave you such as affirmations.

Or compile a list of questions you want to ask your coach.

Or simply meditate.

This will allow you to prepare your mind for a more effective coaching session.

Option #2: Life coaching online

The next best option for those living in Toronto is a life coach online.

This means coaching through Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Viber, or by phone.

What I like about it is efficiency.

For example, I was looking for an apartment to rent for a short term.

And I liked one place which was too far away for me to go to.

So I just asked the landlord to call me in WhatsApp and show me the place.

When we did so, I immediately realized that the place looked different from the pictures.

So I saved myself three or four hours that I would’ve spent going there physically.

By the same token, you can talk to a coach from the comfort of your office or home if you don’t have time to go meet them in person.

You can fit in an online session even in a very busy schedule.

Plus, you might save some money because online coaching might be cheaper.

That said, I’m not a proponent of trying to be too efficient with life coaching since efficient doesn’t always mean effective.

As I explained before, you could use the driving or commute time for preparing for the coaching session or doing internal work.

Plus, with online coaching, you miss the benefit of the energy exchange with your coach.

So weigh the options against each other carefully.

Option #3: Group coaching in Toronto

If you need a cheap life coach in Toronto, group coaching is the way to go.

It has many of the benefits of one-on-one coaching, but happens in a group setting.

The best thing is that it’s affordable.

Whereas a personal coach will cost you $150 per session on average, a group coaching session may cost you as low as $30.

Plus, you might feel even more accountable compared to one-on-one coaching because more people know that you are making a commitment.

As long as group coaching happens in person, you get the positive human interaction that leaves you more motivated to make changes.

What’s the catch then?

You might not be able to discuss your own issues for two reasons:

  • First, you don’t feel comfortable sharing a personal issue with a group.
  • Second, there is not enough time for everyone to share their challenges.

Option #4: Workshops

Toronto offers many opportunities for working out your issues through classes.

Self-improvement workshops bring you great information.

But they don’t give you the same level of human interaction of motivation that personal coaching does.

If you have the discipline to apply the information from those classes, that might be a very effective method for you to do self-development.

But if you need more guidance, human interaction, and external motivation to change, this is likely not enough for you.

Option #5: Cheap coaching opportunities

If you want a still cheaper life coaching option, look for a free life coach.

First of all, most life coaches offer a free session.

They do it to be 100% sure that they can help you before taking you on as a client.

Second, check out different giveaways offered by life coaches.

For example, I give away 4 sessions until the end of 2019 to one new client each month.

Finally, look for life coaches trying to establish themselves.

They will work for free of charge in return for referrals or testimonials.

Actionable tip

Here is one actionable tip for you.

I want you to try one coaching option right now.

For example, request a free session from one coach.

Do it even if you don’t want to spend money on personal coaching

The important thing is starting to build momentum.

Plus, you will see what this type of coaching can give you.

As a result, you will understand one type of coaching and will have the momentum propelling you to learn the other types.


If you are stuck with finding a life coach, you are welcome to reach out to me for a consultation through I’ll help you figure out a coaching plan that’s right for you regardless of how much money you’re willing to spend.