Is NoFap Worth It? (After I’ve Been on NoFap for 6 Years)

is no fap worth it masturbation guilt depression

If you ask me, “Is NoFap worth it?”, my answer is an astounding yes!

I’ve been on NoFap for 6 years.

There are few things I hate in life but fapping is definitely one of them.

Here’s my account of NoFap experience and the many benefits I’m so happy about.

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My masturbation story

I started masturbating when I was around 12.

When I had a girlfriend at 21 or a wife later at 25, I did it less but still did it.

At 27, I hit a very low point in my life and developed an addiction to fapping.

It gave me a quick escape from depression.

The problem was that instant gratification felt good but never lasted.

And it made me even more depressed.

On top of depression, I’d also feel shame and guilt.

I hated the feeling of lacking self-discipline and wasting time and energy.

When I was 31, I said enough and went NoFap.

I’ve been on it for 6 years so far.

And I had two short relapses that only reinforced how good it is for me.


Benefit 1: Feeling better about myself

For me, the best benefit was stopping the pain that I felt after masturbating.

I would hate myself.

So much wasted time, struggle, guilt, wasted energy, shame.

And what for?

A quick escape that never made me happy in the first place.

What did make me happy was finding the strength to quit masturbation and feeling in control.


Benefit 2: Tackling challenges better

I used to go to fapping when I faced some sort of resistance.

Say, I would be translating a text from one language to another and run into something that I didn’t understand.

I felt like escaping that challenge and fapping offered a quick way to do so.

But when I finished, my energy and resolve that I needed to press on were even lower.

Now that I am free from fapping, I don’t look for an escape from challenges.

I save the energy that I would previously waste and I sit there and I tackle the challenge.

A life coach Richard Harris said:

It feels like there is a building of some unquantifiable ‘vital energy’ inside me, and then it is redirected, or sublimated, into my work:

During No Fap, my business experienced tremendous growth.

I felt this energy push into other areas:

  • I started getting up at 5:30am;
  • I stopped taking “rest days” from the gym and my gains blew up;
  • I stopped taking mid day “power naps.”


Benefit 3: Getting reattracted to real women

Actresses and models look too good.

Real women seem unattractive compared to them.

After quitting fapping, I felt so much more attracted to women.

I was able to appreciate women for their inner beauty.

Not just the physical beauty that porn wires us to focus on.

I enjoyed holding hands, deep conversations, spending time outside, planning, dreaming together.

This is a whole new level of enjoying women—one where the answer to the question “Is NoFap worth it?” is obvious.

Porn and masturbation pale in comparison to it.


Benefit 4: Rechanneling the sexual energy into building a relationship

When I feel a sexual desire, I have two options.

The first and convenient one is quick release by fapping.

But with fapping out of the question now, the only option left is actually finding a girl.

Therefore, my sexual desire pushes me to procreate.

So I go out and do the thing that is good and healthy for me: I create a relationship in my life.



Benefit 5: NoFap depression improved my self-discipline

One thing that makes quitting PMO a challenge is NoFap depression.

One week after quitting, I experienced PMO withdrawal symptoms:

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Lack of motivation to do anything
  • Intense mood swings between euphoria and depression states

Not everyone has these symptoms but they are common nonetheless.

It’s your brain fighting for high dopamine levels it got used to.

Because you used to provide a lot of dopamine, your brain got lazy and reduced the amount of dopamine receptors.

That’s why it’s difficult for you to feel pleasure from simple things now.

But after you quit PMO, a reverse process occurs in your brain.

It increases the amount of dopamine receptors so that it can still feel pleasure from less stimulating activities.

Going through this process requires willpower and coping with depression.

But for me, this was a blessing in disguise.

By persevering, I felt that my self-discipline improved.

I strengthened my will to keep on doing what’s uncomfortable rather than seek an escape.

This habit alone made NoFap worth it for me.

Here’s an account of my NoFap depression:

Want to know more about NoFap benefits?

Stopping excessive masturbation was one of the best decisions in my life.

What’s the alternative?

Shame, guilt, and regret.

PMO is just not worth it.

Check out my definitive guide to learn other NoFap benefits.

Still wondering whether NoFap is worth it?

Here’s one final piece of NoFap motivation:

How would you like it if your son was a fapping addict?

If not, then it’s time to be a role model.

Even if he isn’t born yet.

Do a NoFap challenge for 21 days and see what happens.

Crush the masturbation habit with coaching

Do you feel that PMO is stealing time and energy from your life?

Do you feel lack of motivation and regret after masturbating?

You know it’s a problem and want to change.

I honor you for that—it’s a great place to start.

But awareness alone isn’t enough.

Making changes to our habits is difficult and uncomfortable.

But working with a NoFap coach like myself makes them so much easier.

I’ll help you create a specific plan to break from this habit.

I’ll also hold you accountable for sticking to it.

And I’ll be there to support you when you’re on a verge of relapse.

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