How to Quit Masturbation in 2021 – 9 Actionable Tips to Succeed with NoFap

This is a complete guide teaching you how to quit masturbation in 2020.

In this new guide, you’ll learn exactly how to stop this habit, including:

  • Benefits of NoFap
  • Specific action items
  • Subtle techniques
  • Lots more

Let’s get started.

First, let’s look at the benefits you get by stopping PMO.


Benefit 1: Increase your ability to focus

When you quit masturbation, it stops sucking your mental energy like a vacuum cleaner.

You don’t get distracted by thoughts about PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm).

You don’t suffer from shame and guilt after an episode anymore.

And the next thing you know, you have more mental energy available to you.

As a result, you’re able to think sharper. You can concentrate on a task at hand more clearly.


Benefit 2: Become more masculine

By quitting masturbation, you save testosterone. And more testosterone equals masculinity.

  1. Your voice grows deeper and more powerful. More hair grows on your chest.
  2. If you hit the gym, you also use the testosterone to make your muscles bigger and stronger. (And by exercising, you produce even more testosterone.)
  3. More testosterone results in releasing feromones that make you more attractive to women.

Check out this study for the numerous benefits of having high testosterone levels for men.

nofap motivation study high testosterone benefits

Benefit 3: Be genuinely happy

PMO is like that governor in your car that puts a limit on how fast you can go. It prevents you from feeling happy because there’s always regret in the back of your mind.

But when you quit masturbation, there are no more limits.

You feel happy more often, especially because simple things make you happy again. Like taking a walk or enjoying birds singing. That happens thanks to the upregulation of dopamine receptors.

You become more charming, charismatic, and joyful—which makes you even happier.


Benefit 4: Feel more confident

PMO can make you self-conscious and even paranoid.

One reason is that you have to hide this socially unacceptable behavior from others. As a result, you might develop a feeling that everyone else is watching you.

But when you quit masturbation, you start caring less about others’ perceptions of you.

It doesn’t mean that you become disrespectful, though. You simply stop overthinking the consequences of your actions. You’re out there, sharing your gifts with the world and not caring about how the world reacts to it.

And then you have more courage to pursue things in life that used to scare you. Let’s say you quit your job and pursue your passion as a freelancer.


Benefit 5: Feel pride instead of shame

As you achieve all of these things I mentioned above, you’ll feel pride once again.

And that’s a fantastic feeling that changes everything. Instead of walking around feeling miserable and shameful, you walk with your head up and a big smile on your face.


That said, here are my best tips for quitting masturbation.


Companion video

Check out the companion video if you don’t want to read:

Tip 1: Start small

I’ve seen many people trying to quit masturbation by going hard mode for 90 days. And I liked their resolve but I was skeptical.

Such a goal might be unrealistic and overwhelming. And that’s why many people relapse or never even start.

That said, if you feel you can do it, do it by all means. But otherwise, starting with smaller goals makes more sense.

Here’s how it works:

  • Start with a small goal (“Don’t run yet but start walking”)
  • Accomplish it and reward yourself
  • Use the momentum to set a slightly bigger goal

Here’s how you can put it to practice:

  1. Start with one day of no porn and no masturbation. The next day, you can relapse but make sure to reduce the time you watch porn.
  2. So you reset the counter. Begin anew but this time, do two days. When you relapse, reduce the time and also the intensity of porn you watch. For example, go from fetish stuff to “regular” porn.
  3. Then, do three days. When you relapse, at least go from hardcore to softcore porn.
  4. Next, do four days. When you relapse, go from softcore porn to erotic movies.

The specifics can be different but you get the idea. Taking small steps works better than setting unrealistic goals.


Tip 2: Replace the PMO habit

When you feel an urge, you automatically go to the default behavior associated with it. You watch porn and masturbate.

Your neurological pathway between the urge and the behavior is strong. If you just stop the behavior, your mind will crave it even more than it used to. That’s because our mind doesn’t like to lose things we’ve got used to.

That’s why you need to trick your mind. Don’t drop your default habit (PMO) but replace it with something else.

A good example is eating. Let’s say you want to get leaner with a low-carb diet. You can’t just stop eating carbs, right? You’ve got to replace them with protein and fats. Otherwise, you’ll be hungry all the time.

Likewise, you need to find something to replace PMO with. This could be:

  • Reading a few pages from a book
  • Watching a motivational video
  • Sending a thank you note to a friend or colleague

The key is to do the new habit every time you feel an urge. That’s how you’ll rewire your mind to associate the urge with the new habit.


Tip 3: Associate pain with PMO

PMO is pleasant in it of itself, right?

And then people also make the process even more pleasant. They make it an event, adding things like junk food, smoking pot, or using stimulants.

No wonder their subconscious mind craves PMO so much. They motivate themselves with tons of pleasure.

But if you replace pleasure with pain, you can rewire yourself to dislike PMO.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Jerk off without porn
  • Masturbate in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eye
  • Don’t use a lubricant
  • Put yourself in an uncomfortable position


Tip 4: Remove triggers

If you do PMO long enough, your mind starts associating it with the environment around you.

Let’s say you watch porn on your phone for a month. The next thing you know, just grabbing your phone triggers an urge.

Removing these kinds of triggers helps you quit masturbation.

Here are three simple things you can start with:

  1. Replace your phone. Not having money isn’t an excuse. Just sell your phone and buy a used one from eBay or Kijiji.
  2. Likewise, replace your laptop if necessary.
  3. Clean up your place and rearrange the furniture. If you can move to another house, that’s even better.


Tip 5: Don’t rely on porn blockers

I’m not a big fan of porn blockers for browsers.

They might sound like a good idea but in the final analysis, they might do more harm than good.

See, using a blocker is like saying, “I don’t have any self-control so I’ll let an app control me.” In other words, you relieve yourself of the responsibility for quitting masturbation.

And that’s the problem. Changing anything in your life starts with taking responsibility for it—not fleeing from it.

So be more self-relying instead of using porn blockers.


Tip 6: Make yourself accountable

Put social pressure on yourself by letting others know about your intention to quit masturbation.

This pressure keeps you committed because you don’t want those people to feel disappointed in you.

Here are a few suggestions for doing this:

  • Start a reboot journal on or Reddit. Keep posting every day and others will make you accountable as well as cheer you up.
  • Get a friend or an accountability buddy to discuss your progress. Doing this daily is very helpful.
  • Hire a coach who will hold you accountable. Paying to a coach motivates you because you don’t want to waste your investment.


Tip 7: Set punishment for yourself

Speaking of money, here’s another financial method that works well for quitting masturbation. It’s putting your money at stake.

Let’s see how you can do it:

  1. Give your friend $200.
  2. Ask them to give it to charity if you relapse.
  3. If you relapse, let them know immediately.
  4. Feel the pain of losing the money.

It’s important that something good comes out of your punishment such as donating.

This method works well because people hate losing money.


Tip 8: Keep feeding your mind with uplifting information

Consuming inspiring content every day strengthens your commitment to quitting masturbation.

You focus on self-improvement rather than regretting the pleasures of PMO.

Here are a few examples:

  • Listen to motivational speakers talk about goal setting.
  • Watch NoFap videos to remind yourself of why you want to quit masturbation.
  • Read books or studies that explain the dangers of porn or the benefits of semen retention such as Your Brain on Porn.

So yeah, keep your mind busy with inspiring content. You’ll distract yourself from PMO urges. And you’ll stay motivated, too.


Tip 9: Live each day like it’s Day One

Focus on resisting your porn or masturbation urges just today.

It’s the only day that matters.

Don’t live with the anxiety about the future. Worrying about it doesn’t serve you.

Don’t live in the past. It’s just facts. No regrets.

Give your all today and make it a masterpiece.

Remember that the scoreboard doesn’t matter. When you know you gave it all, you’ll feel good even if you relapse.

Be a hero that lives each day like it’s Day One on NoFap.

How to quit masturbation more easily

Does the idea of quitting porn motivate you?

Do you want to be free from regret?

Do you want to be more confident instead of anxious?

Then check out my “Free NoFap Tutorial: 5 Proven Tips to Transform Yourself Now.” This is a free video with practical tips that will make NoFap easier.



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