My Best Tip to Wake Up Early in the Morning (That’s How I Wake Up at 4 am Every Day)

Here’s my best tip to wake up early in the morning.

And it’s one of the best things that happens to me in the course of the day.

Anyway, why do we want to wake up early in the first place?

A life coach Brett Baughman said:

Waking up early is like preparing for a test.

When you give yourself more time, you move through life with confidence and ease.

You have the time to take care of yourself from the inside out; doing things such as meditating, reading, or going for a walk to start your day.

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How I discovered the beauty of early mornings

The first time I had to learn how to wake up early was 17 years ago in Alaska, US.

I had to be at work by 4 am.

I made lunch boxes for tourists visiting Denali National Park.

The tourist buses left as early as 5 am.

And I had to get their lunch boxes ready before that.

Waking up early was so hard back then.

But looking back, it taught me the value of being an early bird.

I got off work at 12-30 pm.

And I had a lot of time left in the day.

For example, I could get some overtime washing buses.

I had the privilege of living two lives.

Privilege of living two lives two coffee latte

I’ve been a fan of waking up early ever since

I was hooked on waking up early for life.

But it still was difficult.

I’ve been struggling with it for 17 years since then.

I loved being a morning go-getter.

But I still liked sleep!

Who doesn’t?!

So I was riding a roller coaster all the time.

First, I would push myself to rise up earlier for several weeks.

But then I would inevitably slide back and sleep in.

At especially low points in my life, I would sleep until as late as 11 am.

And I would then hate myself the entire day.

I hated myself after sleeping in

My best tip to wake up early in the morning

I finally put an end to this roller coaster in April 2018.

How did I do it?

My best way to wake up early is to have a plan for the entire day.

My plan includes both routine things like working on affirmations.

And activities unique for that day that I planned the previous evening.

With this planning, I was finally able to develop a strong habit that has kept me going for 15 months now.

Until I’ve crashed down recently.

No plan = no reason for feeling awake in the morning

I was taking a bus from Toronto to Montreal last month.

I got on the bus at 12-30 am, fell asleep, and woke up at 4 am.

But then I realized I had forgotten about the plan.

And my lazy subconscious mind took over.

Let’s do the routine part: affirmations!

But I can’t write them like I usually do, so why not just play them in my mind instead?

After all, I am on the bus, in the dark, underslept.

I did that for an hour, with my mind going on and off, half asleep.

So that was my only episode of sliding back in 15 months.

And the only reason was not making a plan in the evening.

But the good thing is that it reinforced the importance of a plan for me.

I always have a plan for the day

This is my best tip to wake up early in the morning and I believe in it

Make a plan for your morning the previous day.

A plan helps your conscious mind override any reasons to stay in bed that your subconscious mind can bring up.

And then you get to enjoy so many benefits of waking up early.

Here is one of them, explained by a life coach Richard Harris:

“It’s nice to get every hour of sunlight there is every single day.

And see the sunrise every day and sunset every day.

Those are two displays of awe put on by nature.”

Break through your barriers

As a life coach, I can help you with the motivation to wake up earlier.

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