Be More Patient

How to be more patient ❓

Get old 🤣

But seriously, here are a few things that helped me:

  1. Keep my mouth shut when other people trigger me. This is the most important thing. I might feel impatient but I don’t allow it to manifest.
  2. Reduce my dopamine addiction. Less social media, TV shows, music, validation-seeking.
  3. Introduce Stoic Pleasure practices like intermittent fasting or cold shower or mediation. They literally teach my mind to be patient.
  4. Do an affirmation like “I am patient with results. I need to invest 10,000 hours.”
  5. Reading and re-reading “The Seven Habits of Highly-Effective People” by Stephen Covey.
  6. Slowing down deliberately and relaxing tension in my body, especially the stomach.
  7. Let things be imperfect intentionally.
  8. Support my patience with better food choices. When I ate tons of grains, I was inflamed all the time both physically and mentally. I was impatient with myself and others.
  9. Just wait and you will become more patient automatically. As you mature, you develop patience. It is the evolution of your ego: you start with a huge ego and gradually realize that life is not just about what you want.
  10. Understand that love is accepting that people and things don’t need to fit into my model of reality. Differences are good.
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